Is IEC 60331 Test Sufficient For Fire Resistive Cables In Petrochemical Facilities?

Is IEC 60331 test sufficient for fire resistive cables in petrochemical facilities?

In the public domain, such as a high-rise building or subway tunnel where people are present, clear standards exist to specify a fire safety cable to ensure notification, egress, and emergency system continued operation. But what about private facilities where the general public is not present, and the NEC does not dictate what performance level of circuit integrity a critical circuit cable must meet?  Industrial…

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Do Commercial Builders Need A Full Systems Test Of Fire Rated Cables Plus A Fire Shaft?

Do Commercial Builders need a full systems test of fire rated cables plus a fire shaft?

The short answer is “yes” they should.  Critical electrical circuits or Fire Safety Systems are referred to as Life Safety Systems intended to operate under extreme heat and flame to SAVE Lives.   As a manufacturer of fire safety cables, RSCC produces VITALink brand cables sold for the commercial installation market that pass UL 2196 in the U.S. and ULC-S139 in Canada. Fire shafts may have…

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Fire Rated Vs. Flame Retardant Cables

Fire Rated vs. Flame Retardant Cables

There are differences between cables that are flame retardant and those that are fire rated. Flame retardant cables can resist the spread of fire but fire rated cables maintain circuit integrity and continue to work in the presence of fire. This article below will describe the differences between flame retardant and fire rated cables. Flame Retardant  Flame retardant cables are used to resist the spread of…

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