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Fire Safety Product Innovation

The Marmon Electrical family of circuit integrity cables employs innovative technology that allows cables to survive and operate during a fire. At the heart of this technology is a unique silicone rubber insulation material that ceramifies and maintains physical and electrical integrity when exposed to flame conditions. The product offshoots of this technology have been designed with practicality in mind. Engineering flexibility and installation ease features have been maximized to allow for market acceptability.

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Cable is cheap – trouble is expensive!

Our 2-hour fire ratings represent industry firsts with respect to qualification to the demanding requirements of UL standard 2196. Critical functions for power, control, lighting and fire alarm circuits can be counted on to provide survivability without compromise.

Our cables are manufactured with only the best performing American made materials using state of the art processing and testing equipment.

Our choice of a fully tested, high quality copper conductor that will survive in a fire scenario is a key element in the performance of this system. The proper conductor will cost more, but it is the critical element in making the difference between a system surviving a fire event…and one that could fail… causing considerable damage… and possibly loss of life!

Hi-Rise Building on Fire
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